NetworkingLooking for a way to have your company stand out from the crowd? Want to stimluate your employees’ productivity? Tired of dissent among the ranks with unhappy workers? Looking for a way to affordably thank your clients and promote networking?

Drum circles have the power to do all of this at a budget you can afford and ROI you can’t afford to miss!

We can help you to “drum up new business!” (Sorry, we couldn’t resist a good pun.)


NetworkingWhether you are part of a Chamber of Commerce, a Membership Organization, a non-profit organization, an MLM, or a company looking to promote networking, what better way to get people talking than to include them in an experience that allows them to express themselves musically with others in a non-threatening and supportive environment. There are no wallflowers! We make sure that participants don’t stay in one place for long, and, pretty soon, everyone will get to know, like, and trust each other!

It’s great business!

Team Building

Team BuildingLet’s face it, good people are hard to find–and they are hard to keep. Also, we all know that inter-office relationships can always use some bolstering.

Drum circles have been proven to develop communication, listening skills, cooperation, and goal focus. If you are looking to build synergy, kick-off a change initiative, and grow peer relations, call us. In addition to being musicians, we are business people and corporate trainers with experience in management and leadership consulting.


Purple Cow MarketingEver hear of “The Purple Cow?” If you are driving along the road and there are cornfields all around, and in every other farm there is a black, or a white, or a brown cow, you would probably not be too impressed. But if you saw a purple cow, you would absolutely HAVE to go back to check it out. There is no mistaking it, and there is no way to forget it.

This Is Your Purple Cow

If you want to promote your product, service, or event, bring in a drumming circle. You are the host, and you can make a HUGE impact on your potential clients.

Special Events

Whatever your event: conferences, networking, grand openings, business-after-hours, etc., we can help to brand your company on the minds and hearts of the participants.

Client Appreciation Parties

What better way to show your clients you care about them (AND drive more sales), than to hold a client appreciation party. We work with and event planner that can help design your party from start to finish, and your drum circle can be that extra-special something that will make them never want to leave!